Video View

What should I do if it keeps buffering when I start watching live video?

You can try the following methods respectively.

  1. Check whether the router connected to the camera can be connected to the external network normally, you can also restart and set the router
  2. Check whether the cell phone at the viewing end can be connected to the server normally
  3. Close and restart the heart App
  4. Re-plug the camera power, reboot the camera
  5. After removing the camera from the list, reset the camera and add it again

How to do if the camera is always offline?

1) Set the router to reboot regularly.

The router will accumulate a lot of redundant data after a long period of operation, so that the cache is getting less and less, and the processing speed is getting slower and slower. The router will be set to reboot regularly every day, you can regularly clear the cache, to solve the router often disconnected and Internet speed is getting slower.

2) Replace the router’s wifi wireless channel with a less-interfering one

Most of the routers in the factory will wifi channel preset to 6 channels, the general user purchase router is on the power on the use, rarely will modify the channel, so that adjacent routers often channel overlap between the same frequency interference, mutual impact on the quality of wireless transmission. (Even the new routers with automatic channel matching function, after automatically matching a channel according to the environment at the time of installation, the channel will basically not be changed again.) In the actual environment, when the surrounding wireless environment has changed, such as a new neighbor’s home with a more powerful router, resulting in stronger wireless interference will not be able to cope, so we recommend that users who have the ability to modify the router’s wifi channel to a channel that does not have strong interference around, such as 4 channels.

For higher internet speeds, we recommend using a gigabit router.

How to do if the shooting screen is not clear?

  1. Please check the network status of the environment where the device is located, and select the appropriate video mode (HD, smooth) according to the network status.
  2. confirm whether the machine lens is dusty or obscured.
  3. Please remove the memory card, use the card reader inserted into the computer, read the recording file on the computer to view, check whether the picture is blurred, if the memory card in the video also has abnormalities, it is recommended that the aftermarket.

Can the camera automatically come online when the power goes out and comes back on?

Yes. The light will go off after the camera is powered off, and it will automatically come online after the call, and the viewing end can continue to watch.

What is the reason that the daytime surveillance screen is sometimes black and white?

When the camera is in an environment with low light, the device will automatically switch to night vision mode, which is black and white.

How to zoom in to watch the video?

Carecam camera supports digital zoom, zoom in without blurring. You can zoom in on the screen with a two-finger open and close gesture, or double-click on the screen to zoom in partially. Click the full screen button at the bottom right corner of the video can also enter landscape full screen mode to watch.

Why does the camera click in the morning and evening to switch the night vision? It’s noisy!

The camera will switch modes when it detects a change in light with a clicking sound.

May be due to the customer’s ambient lighting in a dim state, resulting in the camera switching back and forth between night vision and normal shooting mode. (Switching only once when the light is normal) Suggest adjusting the camera angle, shooting weaker or stronger light

Is it possible to mute the camera?

The first time you enter the surveillance screen sound is on by default, you need to click the sound icon to turn it off. When you turn on the camera again, the last on/off setting will be remembered by default.

View when the camera noise is very loud how?

  1. Suggest that the user’s cell phone is not too close to the camera.
  2. it is recommended that the camera installation location around do not have other electrical appliances and the like, which may cause interference.

You can also click the sound button to directly mute.

What happened when I can’t hear the sound when viewing the video?

Please check if the sound button under the video is muted first, and then check if the microphone permission of your device is disabled.

What should I do if the video and sound are not synchronized and there is a delay?

  1. Please check the environment network of your device
  2. Properly limit the number of simultaneous online viewers
  3. Try to restart the APP or camera

Where are the pictures stored after I click the photo icon?

Click “Me” below to enter your personal center, and then you can view local photos and videos in “Album”.

Where is the video stored after I click the video icon?

Click “Me” below to enter your personal center, and then you can view local photos and videos in “Album”.

Why do I stop recording when I click the record button and exit Carecam APP?

Clicking the record button on the camera monitoring interface is to record real-time video with the phone you are watching, and the video is only saved in this phone (available in Personal Center – Album). So the record button below the surveillance video is the phone itself to re-record the surveillance screen, when you exit Carecam, it also stops recording. If you want the camera to automatically record video, you can set the timer recording or alarm recording.

Click the talkback button to talk, why can’t I hear the sound on the other side of the camera?

You have to press and hold to talk, just like WeChat intercom. When you press and hold to talk, the sound at the camera end will be automatically turned off to avoid echo interference.

Can Carecam camera rotate for viewing?

The PTZ panning head of the Carecam camera controls the angle, and the Control Center button below the live video screen on your phone controls the camera to slide up and down or left and right.

What should I do if the camera screen is upside down?

In the live video PTZ control page, click the screen flip button to restore the screen.

Back home, do not want to continue to monitor the camera can only unplug the power?

You can click “Privacy Position” in the PTZ control of the camera live video screen, the camera lens will be automatically adjusted to the lowest point, when most of the view range is blocked.

If you want to turn off the camera lens, so that the camera is in standby mode, you can enter the Settings Center, turn off the camera switch.