Setup issues

Can’t receive message alerts on your Android phone?

Some Android phone systems will automatically clean up the software running in the background after the black screen standby, which will lead to not receiving new alert message notifications when the heart-holding software is closed.

So you need to set Carecam app as a background application. After each setting, you need to reopen Carecam app to use it normally.

How to turn off the lens when the camera is not in use?

In the camera settings you want to close, close the switch behind the “camera switch” on it. At this point, the camera lens off, the camera is in standby mode, you can always open the lens again. You can also directly unplug the power to completely shut down the camera.

What’s going on with the camera online and no video?

Please check if the camera switch is off.

Can the camera and alarm sensor be turned on automatically when I go out and turned off automatically when I come home?

You can set the on/off status of the camera and sensor when you are at home and away from home respectively in the scenario mode, if you set it to turn on when you are away from home, the camera and alarm sensor pieces will be turned on automatically when it detects you are away from home.

What is motion detection?

“Motion Detection” is a function that automatically triggers message alert, email alert and automatic recording according to the movement change of the screen; when the movement of the object exceeds the preset sensitivity, the video recording will start automatically until the movement continues to be lower than the preset sensitivity, and the recording will stop after about 30 seconds.

How to open the motion detection?

Open Carecam App, in the device list page camera settings, click to enter the “motion detection” function, turn on the switch, the default time to open the time period of 00:00 ~ 23:59 (daily), the sensitivity is low, the alarm frequency of 3 minutes, the parameters can be adjusted as needed.

How to open and receive alarm messages?

In the camera settings, click into the “alarm notification”, you can turn on the push alert and SMS alert, after the opening of the cloud service, you can also receive GIF push.

What happened when I can’t receive alarm push in time?

Please check whether the system permission of your phone allows Carecam APP to receive push and notification.

Please check if the alarm push alert setting is turned on in the settings of Carecam APP.

Why there are times when shaking in front of the camera will not alarm? Is it not sensitive?

After opening the camera motion detection function, the camera will detect a moving object in the screen, the alarm, but the alarm frequency will be limited by the frequency setting within the motion detection. Continuous shaking will not always generate an alarm.

Why does the camera sometimes generate an alarm to view moving objects in the video?

It is recommended that you adjust the sensitivity within the motion detection to low, high sensitivity camera will be affected by mosquitoes, dust, light and other small objects to produce an alarm.

I don’t want to receive too many alarms, how do I set it?

Open Carecam App, in the settings of the camera on the device list page, click to enter the “Motion Detection” function, you can adjust the alarm frequency to 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 30 minutes when the function is on. In the same environment, the shorter the frequency time setting, the more frequently the alarm is received.

Where can I view the previous alarm messages?

After you open Carecam APP, click “Message” at the bottom, you can view the history alarm messages of the camera. In addition, you can also view the historical alarm messages directly by clicking the “Alarm” icon at the bottom of the camera screen on the camera list page.

How many recording modes does Carecam have?

Carecam has three recording modes. Local Recording, Alarm Recording and Timed Recording.

Local recording is the recording generated by clicking the record button at the bottom of the screen while you are watching the live video screen. You need to start and end the recording manually, and the maximum recording time is xx minutes by clicking once. You can find the recording file in the album of your personal center.

Alarm recording is the video that is recorded only when the camera detects a change in the screen after you have enabled the motion detection function. Video files can be checked in the sd card (the camera needs to insert a card) or in the cloud recording center to view (the camera needs to purchase cloud services)

Custom recording is the video generated after you turn on the timer recording function. The video is recorded without interruption during the set time period. Video files can be queried in the sd card (cameras need to insert the card)

Why am I not querying the video when I have set up timed recording?

Timed recording videos are stored locally in the camera, so you need the camera to be plugged in to store them.

Can I continue to store videos when the memory card is full?

When the memory card is full, the new video will automatically overwrite the old one.

Please do not network can record?

The machine does not power on, set a good time to record, the memory card is not a problem will continue to record and save Oh.

In the absence of network power on the cloud can not record properly.

What is the difference between cloud storage and local SD card storage?

Local SD memory card has uncontrollable risks.

Risk 1: When the local SD memory card is read and written many times, it will greatly reduce its service life and easily lead to the problem of shorter video recording time;

Risk 2: In case of uninvited guests take away or damage, the data will never return and cloud storage, to avoid the risk of damage to equipment, memory cards, cloud storage is your peace of mind and protection of the second choice!

Is cloud recording secure?

Carecam cloud service uses Amazon servers, financial level defense measures, and dynamic encryption to transmit data.

One account, one device, corresponding to an independent cloud space, no need to worry about data loss or privacy leakage, but also to avoid the risk of theft of equipment key evidence lost ~

Cloud storage will not be able to shoot some situations ah? What if there are thieves?

Cloud storage screen is dynamic real-time upload, can be played back at any time.

When the camera monitors the image of the movement, cloud storage video instantly start.

Provide 7×24 hours motion detection storage, through WiFi or mobile data, anytime, anywhere to view cloud storage video, easy to download delete and share.

How do I download a cloud video?

When you enter the cloud recording center to view a specific video, click the download button directly below to download it.

Can I use one purchase for several accounts or devices? How do I calculate the time extension for buying multiple packages?

Currently, each cloud service purchase can only be bound to one camera device under one account. When multiple packages are purchased at the same time, the system will automatically extend the usage time backwards one at a time. Premium package services will be used first.

Why is the cloud recording center not recording much of the time?

After you open the cloud service, you also need to turn on the motion detection function, the camera will record video when it detects motion.

How do I control and also cancel the camera after sharing it to others?

After sharing to them, you can go to the device sharing share list and click the arrow behind the shared device to cancel the sharing at any time.