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How many devices can I log in on with the same account?

You can only log in on one device of the same system type at the same time. If you are already logged in on an Android device, you can log in to the same account on an Apple device, but if you log in on another Android device, the Android device you were logged in on will automatically be taken offline.

How to reset the camera?

Long press the button or small hole in the letters RESET at the bottom of the camera for 3 to 5 seconds (due to different models, the design varies slightly)

What conditions and environment need to be met for the device to be added?

1.Router supports 2.4GHz

  1. The phone, router and camera are configured in the same network environment.
  2. Your WiFi name is English or numeric, and the password does not contain special characters.

What should I do if I keep configuring the network status after entering the WiFi password?

  1. Please check whether the WiFi password is entered incorrectly.
  2. Set the encryption mode of your router to WPA/WPA2 mode.
  3. Open the QOS in the advanced settings, and turn the heart to the highest.
  4. Turn off the black and white list for unlimited access control and cancel the black and white list option.
  5. Turn off the AP isolation in the router settings.

Does Carecam support binding cameras?

Each camera can only be actively added to one account, so there is no need to do binding settings, and the device will be successfully bound to your viewing account once it is added.

How many cameras can I add (or bind) to each account?

Carecam cameras do not limit the number of cameras that can be added or bound to each account.

How many people can be connected to each camera at the same time?

Under good bandwidth conditions, the same camera can support 5~10 people to watch online at the same time. Therefore, the system does not limit the number of connections.